About us

What is the Cork Commuter Coalition?

The Cork Commuter Coalition was set up in early 2020 with a vision of improving transportation in Cork City and the surrounding region. We take cues from other transport groups like the Transport Mobility Forum and the Dublin Commuter Coalition in prioritizing a people-based approach : focusing on what benefits the ordinary commuter the most. We also strive for community engagement, with a structure that allows anyone and everyone to get involved.

What are our aims?

  • To advocate for improved public transportation across Cork City, including better infrastructure, more frequent schedules, and better fare structures – as well as for larger projects like BusConnects Cork and the Cork Light Rail.
  • To provide insight to the public on what’s happening in relation to projects across Cork City
  • To support active mobility, including cycling, walking, and other types of sustainable transport, and advocate for better infrastructure and resources
  • To support projects related to good transport and good urban design – like better housing policies, pedestrianized streets, and other urban facilities
  • To give input on projects during consultation periods on behalf of our members
  • To criticize and commend public figures for actions in relation to public policy about transportation

What do we do?

  • Give submissions to on-going projects to improve the quality of transportation and infrastructure
  • Run campaigns about specific issues in Cork City and beyond
  • Maintain an active online presence (follow our Twitter at @corkcommuter!) to keep people up to date with developments and news about Cork transportation
  • Bring issues concerning transportation to the media